There are many factors that influence the choice of sensors from the environmental elements of the space being monitored through to the accuracy you require. We can help you determine the best match.

Infra-red Sensors

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People Counting Systems has a large range of inexpensive infra-red directional beam sensors. In general, two adjacent beams are emitted, and depending on the sequence of beam interruptions, Traffic Pro Data Logger can differentiate between entries and exits.

Some beams use reflectors, and others have beam transmitters and receivers. IR Directional Beam sensors can be used indoors or outdoors.

The choice of beam sensor is largely determined by the distance across the count line.

The main advantage of IR Beam sensors is cost – they are the cheapest group of sensors.

Cost must be traded against the level of accuracy required for good decision making.

A 3% change in conversion rate can drive 10% sales increase. The accuracy tolerance of IR beam sensors can be much greater than 5%.

There are a number of disadvantages of Infra-red directional beams that lead to inaccurate counts.

When multiple people simultaneously cross the count line side-by-side, the beam may only be broken the one time, and therefore only count a single entry or exit.

Depending on the mounting height of the sensor, shopping trolleys and baby strollers can be incorrectly counted.

People Counting System’s team of professionals will advise the best way to meet any particular layout and environmental situation.