There are many factors that influence the choice of sensors from the environmental elements of the space being monitored through to the accuracy you require. We can help you determine the best match.

Thermal Sensors

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The Traffic Pro Thermal Sensor is a ceiling mounted sensor designed specifically to count multiple people in both directions.

It uses a sensitive infra-red heat-sensitive sensor with a high speed signal processing controller within a neatly moulded plastic housing.

The unit senses the thermal heat generated by people passing through its field of view.

The thermal sensor will track individuals as they walk through the field of view but only record a count when the person physically crosses the zone lines. The zone can be configured to best suit the entry/location.

For wide locations, a number of sensors can be joined together to increase the zone span.

The Traffic Pro Thermal Sensor has a variety of feature advantages including:

  • Distinguishes between in-going and out-going traffic, side by side traffic, adult shoppers, shopping carts and baby strollers
  • Unlike beam based sensors, the thermal sensor installed overhead minimises sensor blockage
  • The thermal sensor installed overhead reduces the possibility of vandalism
  • Counting zones are user configurable for each unit
  • Low maintenance
  • Ability to network multiple units together to span wide areas
  • Built-in self diagnostics
  • Unlike video camera based technology, the thermal sensor is unaffected by ambient light changes

A disadvantage of the thermal sensors is that if the ambient temperature within the counting area is greater than 44oC, laser, video, or directional beams would be more accurate.

People Counting System’s team of professionals will advise the best way to meet any particular layout and environmental situation.