There are many factors that influence the choice of sensors from the environmental elements of the space being monitored through to the accuracy you require. We can help you determine the best match.

Laser Sensors

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The Traffic Pro Laser sensor is a device with the imaging optics, sensor, signal processing and interfacing electronics all contained within a waterproof metal housing.

The unit is mounted downward facing with an unhindered view of the target area.

The unit functions optically, detecting by people passing underneath based on the shape size and speed in comparison with the standard non-traffic background.

The measurement scanner generates a double vertical laser curtain. People walking through the light curtains are counted precisely and their direction is detected.

It is not affected by external lighting, heat and cold extremes, fog, rain or direct sunlight.

The advantages of the Traffic Pro laser-curtain traffic counters are:

  • Not affected by heat, sunlight or shadows
  • Appropriate to indoor and outdoor counting
  • Can view up to 25m entry/exit with a single sensor
  • Can be mounted up to 15m off the ground

The only disadvantage of the laser curtain is cost. However, this device is very powerful, and can be configured to accurately count traffic in virtually any environment.